Flagship Portals:
Monsoon Software Consulting is an umbrella organization where numerous different web related projects and websites comes under one roof!
We serve and manage numerous websites from a varied field, and two of our Flagship portals are Indiaresults.com
Our Main Flagship portal, Indiaresults.com designed for the students and the educational bodies which serves as a philanthropic medium for publishing results and saving their time and efforts.
Over the years, Indiaresults.com has grown rapidly, and became a brand name in the educational sector with more than 335 million page views in year 2010-2011 and 90 million unique visitors to the website.
Our E-Commerce Websites:
We not just tied ourselves in the domain of youth, and extended our arm into the e-commerce too. Our 3 main ventures are the e-commerce sites which turned to be highly successful and gained a lot of momentum in last few years!

1. 123weddingcards.com : 123weddingcards.com is a retail website meant and designed for the online shopping of wedding cards for both retail client and direct customer. In a nutshell, it is one of the major site where the customer can choose the wedding cards for his use, out of hundreds of different designs and colors

2. Indianweddingcards.com : IWC is a similar website catering the retail clients from all over the world. The idea behind launching this website was to "get into the reach of maximum retail clients". The working methodology behind IWC is similar to 123weddingcards.com

3. Charupapers.com : Another Section of our online store, but this doesn’t serve retail clients. Charupapers has different clientele, but the product is more or less similar, that is Custom invites. The sales , as done by the selected store owners in USA, and EU, so the site showcase all the products, in high resolution with great details.